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Media Kit

about asv

I have been testing and reviewing product since 2014. I enjoy writing about every day products that I use in my life as a mother, wife and woman. I have worked with companies such as Toys R Us, Skylanders, Danimals, H.E.B, Walmart, Hasbro, Crayola and many more. I used to own another site, The Girl from a Small Village for two years before I lost all the reviews and posts and it is no longer available. I have started this new website in hopes of gaining better stats, new sponsors and companies to partner with and more information to provide to my readers.

about me

I am a happily married mother of five kids. I have been writing poems and stories since I could hold a pencil. I plan to write several novels in the future. My kids are from toddler to teen. They are active on the swim team, tae kwon do and each has their own unique style. I love including my family on my website. They are also a major part of my writing and review products.


Page Stats 01/18/2017

  • Monthly Page Views: 686
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 299
  • Alexa Global Rank: 913,496
  • Alexa US Rank: 251,420
  • Domain Authority: 20
  • Page Authority: 70 

Social Media Stats 01/18/2017

Page Stats 8/30/2016

  • Monthly Page Views: 780
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 520
  • Google Page Rank: 0
  • Alexa Global Rank: 1,949,259
  • Alexa US Rank: 225,891
  • Domain Authority: 8
  • Page Authority: 21

Social Media Stats 8/30/16

Page Stats 8/18/2016

  • Monthly Page Views: 178
  • Unique Monthly Visitors: 163
  • Google Page Rank: 0
  • Alexa Global Rank: 11,327,671
  • Alexa US Rank: 0

Social Media Stats 8/18/16

product promotions


I review all types of products and if I don’t have a category for your product I will make one. I usually complete a review within 2 weeks or less. They are shared on all of my social media networks. A “no follow” link will be added to your website. Reviews are free as long as they are in good condition and are shipped to my home.


I prefer to do giveaways with my reviews but it is not mandatory. Giveaways run two weeks. I do not ship prizes to the winner. The winners information will be sent to you to mail them their prize. All giveaways are open to US residents 18 years and older unless otherwise noted. Winners are chosen randomly by the giveaway tools generator.

Sponsored Posts

I am happy to discuss any sponsored posts you would like posted on my site and your budget.



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