PicturesOnGold had the perfect gift for my 94 year old grandmother

A Gift to my Grandmother

I have designed a beautiful locket for my 94 year old grandmother, for her Christmas gift this year. I am nervous to give it to her, hoping she won’t cry. She has seen a lot in her lifetime, but she has not seen her husband in 34 years. Although their wedding picture hangs on her wall, I felt putting that picture into a locket for her to wear would keep him closer to her heart. Growing up with her, she never married or even dated another man after my grandfather passed away. She stayed on her ranch and took care of everything with her children and grandkids helping her out. I was only two when he left us, so I do not have any memories of him, but the family has told me stories that make me wish I could of grown up with him too. I know my grandmother loved him very much, she always told me so. As a devoted Catholic she prayed for him every night before bed. At 94 years old today, I know she hasn’t changed and loves him still, just as much.

Original picture and PicturesOnGold locket.

I am happy that I can give her a memorable keepsake that she can keep with her at all times. PicturesOnGold has an easy designing process on their website. You can customize your personalized message on the front, back and inside of the locket. They can put any picture you upload to their site into the locket with color laser engraving, regular laser engraving or paper photo’s. You can also add clip art or a monogram engraved on the surface. The lockets can be in heart or oval shaped with or without a decorative case and come in solid 14K gold or sterling silver.

PicturesOnGold also has several selections of jewelry to personalize. They have religious, just for mom, customized sports, medical I.D. jewelry and even class rings. 

Start creating keepsakes when you create your personalized jewelry at PicturesOnGold this Holiday Season. They make a great Christmas gift but are a great place for personalized jewelry all year long. If you order now get 10% off your order using code famguide10 just in time for the holidays.

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