Stay Organized on Holiday Trips with Diono’s Travel Pal

Stay Organized on Holiday Trips with Diono’s Travel Pal

Have a Happy Road Trip this Holiday Season

As a mother of five kids, I especially know how hectic traveling for the holidays is. It can be discouraging when the kids are fighting over every single little thing. One of the biggest complaints is that the kids forgot to bring something. When the holidays get stressful, packing snacks, getting the teen headphones and the baby diapers, it is great to have the Diono travel accessories. The Travel Pal is the best travel accessory hands down that I have used. It has many compartments! I can fit a the grimy favorite baby blanket, diapers, tablets, phones, stuffed animals, drinks and snacks, plus toys and books all in one place. The Diono Travel Pal can be belted in and it goes right in the center of my middle seat so everyone has access to their items. That makes the trip a lot more safer because I am not distracted while I am driving because I am trying to find a sippy cup.

This makes my daughter super happy. Easy access to all her toys and cup.

The Diono Travel Pal has a large cargo area that can keep two kids organized, but in my experience I am able to keep five kids organized. The drink holders are insulated and it is made from waterproof fabric, because their is always one out of five kids that spills something on road trips. It has eight side pockets and a secret pocket on the inside. It is not too big or too small, fits great between two car seats as well as booster seats. 

I absolutely love the Travel Pal. I look forward to our next holiday trip instead of dreading it this year. If you would like to get a Diono Travel Pal you can find them plus tons of other products on their  Amazon Store.

Diono also has a variety of other handy products for moms and kids alike on their website and retail stores. Stay up to date with Diono on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Disclosure: A Small Village received this product in exchange for placement in the Santa’s Shopping List Holiday Gift Guide.  If you have any questions or concerns contact A Small Village here.

Diono Travel Pal

Diono Travel Pal





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  • Large cargo area, insulated drink holders, eight side pockets and zippered pocket for secret stuff
  • Waterproof fabric
  • Attaches securely to seat
  • Fits between two car seats
  • Big enough to keep two kids totally organized


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