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You can never go wrong with gifting a video game for Christmas. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is now available and makes the perfect stocking stuffer. 

I have only played one other first person/third person video game, so I it took me a bit to familiarize myself to the game. Although I can say that from my time playing, I can see why this game has a loyal following and fanbase.

My husband on the other hand has been a Call of Duty player since day one. He says “The ability to use multiple vehicles and weapons is unlike many other video games. There are many enjoyable ways to playing the game. On a recruit I was able to complete all missions and the game in 13 hours. The higher level I chose the harder the game got, which proves difficult for me. The fact that they had a Marine robot assist me and with the ability to control other robots was a different perspective than many other games I have played which proved enjoyable. Multiplayer is very enjoyable even though I hate getting murked so quickly.” he also went on to say, “The remastered Modern Warfare was just as fun as the original version yet clearly had better graphics and the zombies were awesome. I liked the fact that Zombies in Spaceland was weaved into a fictional horror film which was even better.”

It is obvious that this game has a large fan base and that they are very good at it. All teams with mics were always polite and kept conversations about the game, helping each other out. 

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has three unique game modes, single player campaign, arcs and epic battles and multiplayer, plus Zombies in Spaceland from the 1980’s zombie mode.

Overall it is a fun game to play. I really enjoyed it for my first time at playing a game that was more realistic than the games I normally play. It is a great game to give to your husband or any gamer in the family.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is rated “M” for mature. Press assests are available at For more information on Call of Duty visit

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Disclosure: Activision provided a copy of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for an honest review and placement in the Santa’s Shopping List Holiday Gift Guide. If you have any questions or concerns contact A Small Village here.

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